Local finances

It is the key competence of the allNext team, with both references in France and in developing countries (emerging countries, countries in transition …)
  • Support/consulting to political actors of decentralization
  • Financial engineering (fiscal analysis, financial projections, financial feasibility of infrastructure projects)
  • Taxation studies
  • Analysis and reforms of intergovernmental transfers
  • Local funding mechanisms
  • Local public services funding

Urban development

Our activities rapidly adapted to new demands and approaches: sustainable development, private sector interventions, civil society participation. These activities are about :
  • Spatial investments planning
  • Urban planning documents conception, preparation for interventions in slums, informal settlements and historic quarters
  • Market places and bus stations planning and implementation
  • Urban Heritage and Tourism projects
  • Urban services management, etc.


Our approach is global and covers all the aspects of land development and housing projects (urban, financial, economic and institutional arrangements). We intervened in social housing projects, extension zones, new towns, old quarters, and emergency projects. Our activities consist in :
  • supporting municipal authorities and specialized entities on the preparation and implementation of housing development projects : renewal and new settlements;
  • advising organizations in charge of housing policies coordination and financing, in France and at the international level : strategy, agenda, funding.

Spatial Planning

In line with our knowledge of the urban sector, several team members were requested to coordinate or support the preparation of: National development plans Regional studies Comprehensive Urban master plans ​These studies were principally conducted in France, in the Maghreb and Middle-East region (Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan) and in Africa.

Markets and other commercial Facilities

The development and commissioning of markets and bus stations is a repeated demand from cities, particularly on the African continent. allNext has developed significant know-how in this field, acting as a link between public authorities and private operators:
  • Programming of facilities in line with local uses and contexts
  • Urban integration of facilities
  • Organization of consultation
  • Implementation of participatory mechanisms involving economic operators, including financially
  • Design of financial and management packages


We provide training in France and abroad, particularly in favor of professionals that work in/with local authorities.
  • e-Learning – Local finances unit for the World Bank (2013-2016), Street Addressing and cities management (2013) : A.Sinet, L.Godin
  • Training in Municipal and Urban Projects preparation – A. Sinet and L. Godin
  • Training in local financing – V. Chomentowski, A.Sinet
  • Training in town planning and housing project management – G. Le Bihan, Ph. Housset
​The allNext members published and contributed to the publication of several reference documents, particularly for the World Bank, the French Development Agency and various institutional organizations in France.