Financing Africa’s cities

Paulais, T. (2012). Financing Africa’s cities. Washington, D.C.: World Bank – published in French and English.

L. Godin, A.Sinet, J.Pigey, V. Chomentowski contributed to the chapters on urban local investments needs, decentralization, basic services and local governance, financing mechanisms, financing tools and mechanisms.

Resilience of an African Giant

Boosting Growth and Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo – under the supervision of Johannes Herderschee, Daniel Mukoko Samba et Moїse Tshimenga Tshibangu – Mediaspaul, 2012.

Claude Baissac, Anne Sinet, Alphonse Soh and Florence Verdet : Volume II : Economic Growth as an Instrument of the cities for Poverty Alleviation

Decentralized local governments

Decentralized Local Governments as a modality for post-conflict recovery and development : An emerging natural experiment in Northern Ouganda

J. Boex, D. Kimble, J. Pigey – Urban Institute center International Development and Governance – Series IDG Working Paper, 2010 (22 p.)

Financing the investment of developing countries cities

Financing the investment of developing countries cities : summary of the « Financing the investments of local authorities » group works – FDA – Under the supervision of Thierry Paulaisand Martha Stein Sochas (FDA) – Notes and documents n°24, 2005 (111p) – published in French and English. G8 Contract.

​A. Sinet : preparatory works contribution to the final report.

Preparing a municipal development project

Under the supervision of B.Veuthey and Ch. Reliquet – Preface F. Péchon, IDE, World Bank. G8 Contract.

​L. Godin, A. Sinet, Ch. Bouchaud, 1996 (220 p.) 5000 copies.

Financing the Municipal Investments in the North African countries (Round table meeting)

Actes – Presentation of the Guide to Prepare a Municipal development project.

A. Sinet – World Bank, EDI, Tunisian Ministry of Interior, CPSCL, 1995 (311 p.)

Developing lending systems for local authorities in Sub-Saharan Africa

V. Chomentowski dans « Techniques financières & développement », n°34, march – april 1994.

Municipal Credit in Eastern Europe

A Background Paper for the East European Municipal Credit Seminar (Research Report)


J. Pigey, G. E.Peterson, 1994.

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Financing local infrastructures in the Mediterranean region

V. Chomentowski, L. Godin, A. Sinet, J. Pigey – Caisse des Dépôts & Consignations, CLF, CLI, 1990 (135 p.)

Financing communal equipment

V. Chomentowski – Edition du Moniteur, 1987 (144 p.)

Senegal Urbanization Review

Spatial and economic analysis of the Senegal’s urban structure. Contribution in the components regarding urban planning and access to services. Governance and cities financing analysis. Strategic orientations.

Lucien Godin, Anne Sinet, Victor Chomentowski, Dina Nirina Ranarifidy, Paolo Avner – under the supervision of Salim Rouhana
Working Paper ACS14161 – World Bank – GSURR / Africa – 126 pages – Juin 2015

Urban Renewal

Guide on urban change and diversification opportunities in the neighorhoods – « methodology and practices » collection #1.

ANRU – Caisse des dépôts et Consignations – Social Union for Habitat.

G. le Bihan – Contribution – 2013, (92 p.)

Urban, architectural and landscape quality

Call for contributions – Urban, architectural and landscape quality – 98 projects – ANRU.

G. Le Bihan – projects analysis and sorting, presentation and assistance to the jury – 2012 (116 p.)

Urban, architectural and landscape charter

Cities and planning

G. Le Bihan – under the supervision of Al omrane (HAO Rabat), 2010 (27 p.)

Finalized within the context of technical assistance to Al Omrane brought by the European Bank of Investment.

Urban, architectural and landscape charter of Moroccan New Cities

G. Le Bihan – under the supervision of Al Omrane (HAO Rabat), 2010 (27 p.)

Finalized within the context of a technical assistance to Al Omrane, on the European Bank of Investment financing.

Renovation of the Social Housing Areas

Renovation in the Social Housing Areas : commitment of the Offices in the Urban Renovation operations – National Federation of the HLM offices (HLM : social housing units in France)

G. Le Bihan : involvement in the analysis and in the projects presentation (2006, 200 p.)

Street addressing and cities management

C. Farvacque – Vitkovic, L. Godin, H. Leroux, F. Verdet, R. Chavez – World Bank.

Collection : « Le développement en marche », 2004 (272 pages)
10 000 copies (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese versions)

The future of African cities

Challenges and priorities for urban development

​C. Farvacque, Vitkovic, L. Godin – Wold Bank, Urban development collection.
10 000 copies (French and English versions)

Finalized as the outcome of the preparation to the Assistance program to the Senegal Municipalities (1994 – 1997) – G8 Contract.

“Tranches de ville : une méthode de programmation” (Cities : a programmation methode)

G. Le Bihan – Revue Urbanisme (Urbanism Review), #219, May 1987.

Urbanism and Town Planning Dictionnary

Urbanism and Town Planning Dictionnary – under the supervision of Pierre Merlin and Françoise Choay, PUB, 1rst edition in 1987, 2nd in 1996, 3rd in 2000, 4th in 2005, 5th in 2010.
V. Chomentowski : author of the whole articles related to local finances and local taxation.

Urban Planning Projects Preparation

Urban Development Projects Preparation – Lucien Godin

Under the supervision of Bernard Veuthey – Collection : Technical Documents, World Bank, 1987. G8 Contract.

Print run : 5 000 copies (216 p.)

Guide on HLM rehabilitation

(French Social Housing) Guide on HLM rehabilitation – MELATT (Diretion of the Construction) and CREPAH (National Union of the HLMs)

​G. Le Bihan contribution, 1986 (144 p.)

Overview of the complex equipment management

In « La pratique de la gestion des équipements collectifs » (« Collective equipment management in practice »), Jean Bouinot and Agnès Jeannet – Edition du Moniteur 1980 – V. Chomentowski and Noël Clément : Overview of the Public Equipment management.

Municipal Finances

Municipal Finances – A Handbook For Local Governments

The World Bank 2014
Catherine Farvacque – Vitkovic and Mihaly Kopanyi (Editors)

Anne Sinet – Co-author of Chapter 8 : Achieving Greater Transparency and Accountability : Measuring Municipal Finances Performance and Paving a Path for Reforms

Three ideas on equalization, plus one

V. Chomentowski – site « Millénaire-3, Centre Ressources prospectives du Grand Lyon » 2012

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From equalization to « equity-zation »

V. Chomentowski – Decentralization Institute – Pouvoirs Locaux n°88, 2011

City policy and Inter-communal cooperation

V. Chomentowski in « Intercommunalité : politique et territoire » – PUCA – The French Documentation, 2009

What if the TP reform were a good thing?

V. Chomentowski in Pouvoirs Locaux n°83 « Les tabous de la décentralisation », 2009

The local fiscal citizenship : concepts, understanding, realities

V. Chomentowski, in « La citoyenneté urbaine : formes d’engagement et enjeux de solidarité » (« Urban citizenship : forms of commitment and solidatiry challenges) – Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Town Planning – PUCA, 2007.

Urban policy and Intercommunality : situational analysis

Collective. V. Chomentowski : « Presentation of the study concerning the exertion of urban policy authority by EPCI in the framework of the city contracts 2000-2006 » and « The urban intercommunality or the organization of solidarity serving territory’s social and urban development » – Les éditions de la DIV, 2007

Financial aspects of intercommunality in new cities

Financial aspects of intercommunality in new cities : mechanisms, instruments, functions, special features
V. Chomentowski – Inter-ministerial program for the history and assessment of French new cities, 2005.

Local direct taxation : which objectives and which way to reach them?

In « Villes et réformes des finances locales ».

V. Chomentowski – the French documentation, 2003

The financial future of the intercommunalities

V. Chomentowski – in « Pouvoirs Locaux n°54 », September 2002

Financial Municipal Management in Africa

Financial Municipal Management in Africa – Training manual for a permanent education – EDI – World Bank, collection : Technical Documents, 1990
Alain Anizon – L. Godin collaboration – 2 vol. – 2 000 copies.

Fiscal policy of the Municipalities

Fiscal policy of the Municipalities : which objectives, which instruments – methodological elements for an assessment process – co-author : A. Sinet – General Planning Commission – La Documentation Française, 1992 (48 p.)



Local services pricing system, V. Chomentowski – Éditions Techniques – Juris-Classeur, 1999.
Financial analysis of a municipality within the framework of the M14 – V. Chomentowski – Éditions Techniques, Juris-Classeur, 1997

Local budgets and planning : taxation, risks and damages

in « Fabriquer la Ville – Outils et méthodes : les aménageurs proposent ».
V. Chomentowski – The French Documentation 2001

Fès Medina : rehabilitation of the Historical Triangle

Description of the different phases of the Al Omrane intervention in the historical triangle of Fès (Al Karaouiyne & Chemmaine – Moulay Idriss – Sidi Tijani – R’habt El Kaiss – Hiadriyène – Chouara) and restauration of the Medersa Errachidia – under the supervision of Najib Lahlou – Al Omrane (Rabat)

L. Godin et A. Sinet : textual contents and illustrations (within the framework of the EIB technical assistance to Al Omrane) 2009 (107 p.)

Urban Heritage Management

Urban Heritage management and revitalization of the old neighborhoods : the French experience perspective – under the supervision of Niels Devernois
Authors : Niels Devernois, Sara Muller, Gérard Le Bihan

FDA Publication – September 2014

Medina 2030 : Scenarios and strategies

The Medina – The restoration & conservation of historic islamic Cities (English version – I.B. Tauris) – under the supervision of Marcello Balbo – Preface written by P. de Fontaine Vive – European Investment Bank.

Medinas 2030 : Scenarios et Stategies (Arabic and French versions – L’Harmattan)

L. Godin and G. Le Bihan – (chap.5) – Morocco’s Medinas : Meknès and Azzemour

10 years of intervention in Medinas

Situational analysis of the 31 Moroccan medinas – under the supervision of Bajib Lahlou – Al Omrane (Rabat)

L. Godin et A. Sinet : textual contents and illustrations (within the framework of the EIB technical assistance to Al Omrane) 2009 (121 p.)


Architectural decor and urban drawing in North Africa 1830 – 1950.

François Béguin in collaboration with G. Baudez, D. Lesage and L. Godin.

Publication : “Arabisances” – F.Béguin – Dunod, 1983 (169 p.)